Positive Performance Consulting Singapore

Positive Individuals. Performing Organisations.

Positive Performance Consulting Singapore

Positive Performance Consulting is a Management and Organisational Development Consulting Company based in Singapore. We consult, speak, coach and lead workshops in the areas of Organisation Development, Change, Leadership, Talent, Well-being and Management. We deliver solutions that integrate individual strengths, principles of positivity and practices from psychology delivering consistent and sustainable results. We dream of co-creating waves of successful, positive and sustainable work cultures across the globe where people thrive, create profits and care for the planet.
More About Us

Positive Performance Leadership

Positive Performance Leadership is a research based leadership development program that has 7 pillars, on which various practices and tools are built. It is based on the principles of traditional and non-traditional approaches to Leadership Development. Learn more about Positive Performance Leadership at www.prismpositiveperformance.com

What We Have To Offer

  • Management Consulting

    We offer our services in engaging the entire organisation and leadership in strategy formulation, planning, clarification, communication, alignment and implementation, including management capability development.

  • Organization Development & Culture

    We view organisations as living beings capable of creating and sustaining a culture that brings the best out of its people. We design, develop and facilitate interventions, to develop the organisational culture and resources through positive and appreciative means.

  • Talent Development

    We co-create with you, processes, tools and structured approaches in defining talent, identifying and developing them to take on leadership responsibilities. The processes will seamlessly integrate real work with learning and fun.

  • Staff Engagement & Retention

    Engaging employees through meaning making conversations, job alignment and positive affect will create a positive engaged culture leading to productivity, discretionary effort and profitability. We believe in inspiring staffs by infusing passion and alignment in their career aspirations.

  • Positive Performance Academy

    Skill development training workshops form the core of our academy, in addition to innovation in solutions, research and publications. We create and innovate unique solutions to meet the needs of the ever changing industry.

  • Capacity Building

    Capacity building efforts help organisations reduce cost, leverage internal expertise and depend less on external agencies for advice. We design systems that create self reliance and organic growth where proaction forms the impetus for change.