About Us

About Us

Positive Performance Consulting is a Management and Organisational Development Consulting Company based in Singapore. We established ourselves as a Private Limited Company in 2014, though we have been in the practice field for a number of years.

We envision To CO-CREATE waves of successful, positive and sustainable work cultures across the globe where People thrive, create Profits and care for the Planet.

Positive Performance Consulting

Our Team

We have a diverse team of professionals experienced in the fields of Organization Development, Business Strategy, Psychology, Coaching, Counselling, Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Organizational Scholarship, Facilitation, Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Workplace Design. With our experience and passion, we bring thought leadership to our work, while we design solutions relevant to the local context.

Positive Performance

We understand that delivering profits consistently, increasing productivity and ensuring staff retention are important to a business. We believe that repeating the wrong does not make it right nor produce a different result. Our unique approach integrates well researched concepts and practices form the fields of Strengths Movement, Positive Psychology and Positivity research. Our backbone of engagement is built on the principles of Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Organisational Scholarship, Positive Psychology and other strengths based approaches.

Why Are We Different?

What differentiates us is our ability to offer integrated solutions (Positive Psychology, Strengths Movement and Positive Organisational Scholarship) that serve organizational needs. We adopt whole system approaches that can engage large number of the staff and leaders in the shortest possible time. We substantiate our methodologies with evidence from research and lead the projects with business outcomes in mind.

Our Dream

We strive to role model the positivity we believe in. We commit to create a positive impact in every situation we come across. We dream of positive individuals in workplaces leading to performing organisations, contributing to a better world.

Singapore Team

  • Kathirasan


    Kathirasan (Kathir) has a penchant for big picture thinking and has the ability to integrate diverse systems for organisational success. He brings a lot of depth, research and energy to consultancy, facilitation and coaching.

  • Jayan Warrier

    Jayan Warrier

    Jayan is passionate and intentional about serving individuals, organizations and teams to create a long lasting positive change through conversations that uncover their strengths and commit to deliberate steps towards realizing their dream future. He believes in the strength of people and is willing to walk the extra mile to help people achieve their highest potential.

  • Sunita Rai

    Sunita Rai

    Sunita believes very strongly in positive possibilities and growth through connections and deeper understanding of self and organisational psychology in organisations and individuals. She has the keen ability and intuition to sense the needs of staff and organisations and bring them together towards co-creating a future together where the needs of the whole system are met.

  • Jane Ho

    Jane Ho

    Jane is very purposeful about awakening excellence and empowering teams and professionals for ecological and sustainable change.  She works with both organisations and individuals to identify what it takes to continually uplevel themselves for measurable performance and productivity.

  • Simon Neo

    Simon Neo

    Simon is a Psychotherapist with 10 years expertise in counselling, social and human services, education services and training as well as community outreach.

  • Sim Kok Chwee

    Sim Kok Chwee

    Kok Chwee started his career in 1981 in the aviation industry. Thereafter, he worked in the Tourism, Airline and Media industries. He has worked regionally in countries such as Myanmar, Thailand and lived in Munich, Germany while learning the German language.

  • James Quilley

    James Quilley

    12 years of international management consulting and senior leadership roles across 18 countries and involvement with over 40 projects specializing in business start-ups and change management.


Australia Team

  • Jaya Taylor

    Jaya Taylor

    Personable, inspiring and skilled, Jaya has more than 20 years of experience in corporate, tertiary and private sector training and consultation, with a special focus on authentic and evidence based success principles that engage the mind and the heart. She has regularly trained, lectured, facilitated and coached large and small business groups in Australia, Singapore, Phillipines, Malaysia and London.