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At the core of any business success is strategy alignment, clarity of vision and the precision in its execution, supported by ongoing conversations to learn and adapt, as conditions change. Organisational Leadership is about creating the space to make it happen rather than doing it. We offer our consultancy services in engaging the entire organisation and leadership in strategy formulation, business culture analysis and mapping, clarification, communication, alignment and implementation. Our ongoing support services include periodic strategy reviews, executive coaching on strategy implementation and change management.

  • Business Culture Analysis & Mapping

People and a great business culture are vital parts of business value creation in a rapidly changing business world. Great work cultures do not happen by chance, they are carefully envisioned, designed and implemented. We work with business leaders to map out a Business Culture Blueprint through a consultative and facilitative process using Dream Catalyst Business Culture Value Creation® Model which focuses on Strategic Framework, Leadership & Management, People & Team Engagement, and Processes and Procedures.

  • Organisational Wellbeing

Your employees are your assets and contribute to the growth and success of your organisation. Organisational wellbeing is an often misunderstood concept. It is not confined to the absence of sick leave or retention of staff or employee assistance programmes but the presence of wellbeing. Wellbeing should therefore be an integral part of an organisation’s culture. We use an Organisational Integrated Wellbeing Model (OIWM) that adheres to all possible levels of employee and organisational experience from the mind to the body and the environment. We do a comprehensive evaluation of the organisation’s wellbeing initiatives through five key elements of wellbeing and jointly recommend and implement changes to enhance the wellbeing of the organisation. Wellbeing then becomes part of the DNA of the organisation, to invest and sustain a culture that promotes organisational wellbeing while deepening the connection between employees and organisations.

  • HR Consulting

People matter as they form the culture of your organisation. It is essential to have the right philosophy, processes and tools for hiring, training and retaining talents within the organisation. It is essential to create an environment of learning and innovation for high performing individuals and team. We provide dedicated HR consultants to work with your culture and vision to create and sustain the dream team.

  • Talent Development

We co-create with you, processes, tools and structured approaches in defining talent, identifying and developing them to take on leadership responsibilities. Strategic consultancy work entails deep-diving into current business practices and opportunities to further enhance and improve system and processes for learning and development for staff. To further strengthen your company’s Human Resource (HR) capabilities, so as to support business growth strategies. For local SMEs, there is government support available for such projects.


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