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About Us

Co-creating Positive Individuals and Performing Organisations ​

Positive Performance Consulting is a Management and Organisational Development Consulting Company based in Singapore since 2014. We consult, speak, coach and lead workshops in the areas of Organisation Development, Change, Leadership, Business Culture, Talent, Organisational Well-being and Management. We create solutions that integrate individual strengths, principles of positivity and psychology delivering consistent and sustainable results.

We have delivered training, facilitation and consulting solutions in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bahrain, Scotland, India, Australia, Britain, USA and Australia. To date, we have impacted over 100 multinational and small medium enterprises. We provide a comprehensive suite of solutions through our affiliations with the Centre for Mindfulness Group, Dream Catalyst and Holistic Psychotherapy Centre.

“We start with Organizations’ DESIRED OUTCOME, Design the Process, Co-create Programmes, Deliver and Assess for Continuous Improvements.”

Kathirasan K, Founding Partner

We understand that delivering profits consistently, increasing productivity and ensuring staff retention are important to a business. Operating in an ever-changing environment makes sustainable performance an imperative. Thriving in such an environment therefore requires a shift of paradigm where leaders, staff and organisations view positivity as a integral component of performance.


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