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Workshop & Facilitation: Onsite and Online

Developing your employees to realise their potential goes hand in hand with organisational growth. Building a team of dedicated employees who are engaged, resilient, happy and create value in their doing and being contributes to the continued success of the organisations. The processes will seamlessly integrate real work with learning and fun - solving real business issues, learning from experience, coaching the peers, reflection and leadership role modelling. Besides bespoke programmes, we also offer the following signature programmes.


Positive Performance Employee Wellbeing:

  • Create meaning and purpose at work

  • Systematically enhance employee wellbeing, satisfaction and performance

  • Increase resiliency, joy, happiness and appreciation at the workplace


Integrated Wellbeing Model (IWM) is a systematic and comprehensive model and process that adheres to all possible levels of human experience from the mind to the body and the environment. This IWM looks at five key elements of wellbeing from purpose and meaning to the environment in which you work. This programme uncovers an individual’s potential by providing the “why”, “what” and “how” of achieving happiness, joy and excitement at work and in life while improving productivity and performance.


Positive Performance Mindsets:

  • Build a growth minded team or facing challenges of employees being resistant to change or adopting new business practices

  • Equip your employees with tools for wellbeing and performance


Positive Performance Mindsets comprises of two sessions on Mindsets for Team Success and Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Performance. This includes mapping the mindsets of teams and shifting them towards a growth mindset. Psychological capital is built through mindfulness practices. Mindfulness helps the team to have a deeper understanding of the workings of the mind, ways to take pause during challenging times and enhancing wellbeing.

Positive Performance Leadership & Coaching:

  • Enhance your leaders Self-Awareness through the 7 pillars of positive performance

  • Equip your leaders with knowledge in change management and skillsets to lead teams to drive change


The Positive Performance Leadership (PPL) programme is designed to enable leaders to learn more about themselves through self-awareness, a shift in mindset, perspectives and clarity of purpose and how to align their daily work with the organisation’s goals and objectives. Specifically, the training will focus on shaping participants with a mental paradigm that is progressive and accountable for the tasks they are responsible for, and helping them in embracing change and spirit of unlearn, learn and relearn. The two day intensive or three day workshop dives deep into 7 key pillars of positive performance followed by monthly coaching sessions for a pre-determined length of time.

Positive Performance Conversations for Leaders:

  • Drive performance and build a positive culture

  • Equip their managers with skillsets to coach their teams for performance


What is the most important thing a manager can do to develop his or her people? The answer is simple: a good manager who is committed to developing his or her employees is also committed to always providing meaningful performance feedback. The programme will enable managers to be skilled with ability to provide feedback downwards, conduct developmental conversations with their direct reports, to be anchored in an accountability paradigm relating to work performance and to mentor their direct reports.


Positive Performance Teams:

  • Build cohesiveness and team synergy amongst their employees

  • Increase employees’ ability to plan the resolution of their own work issues and develop confidence in accepting higher responsibilities


The programme will foster bonds and build trust amongst participants, enable participants to discover individual leadership qualities and build confidence as well as to learn different tools to enhance management skills. On an individual level, there is improvement in participants’ ability to plan the resolution of their own work issues and also develop confidence in accepting higher responsibilities.


Positive Performance Strategic Planning Retreat:


Break away from the daily hustle and bustle, and as a team, get immersed and focused to contemplate strategic issues, including the organisation's own development and growth, through mindfully curated brainstorming and solutioning sessions. Retreat will be moderated by independent facilitators who will help ensure that time is effectively spent, and all individuals can participate fully.

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