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Certified Organisational Culture Consultant Course

We strongly believe in empowering individuals, teams and organisations. This signature certification programme supports individuals within an organisation to learn the philosophy, knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to become facilitators of positive influencers within the organisation. Here is our upcoming Certified Organisational Culture Consultant (COCC) programme:

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Culture change is hard. A recent research shows that a mere 15% of companies declare that they have successfully changed their culture.


Progressive companies like yours continue to work on improving your culture because you know as well as we do, that culture predicts performance. It is a needed accelerant to growth and non-negotiable. Let us collectively build your organisation's internal capacity to create performing, positive and inclusive culture.


Through this Certified Organisational Culture Consultant (COCC) programme, your team members will be equipped with the philosophy, knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to bring about successful change and culture initiatives. This certification programme integrates fundamentals of change management, architecting culture blueprint and practical applications of organisational wellbeing to provide a good foundation to drive and sustain organisational change initiatives.


Who Should Attend This Certification Programme

  • Senior leaders responsible for successful change initiatives

  • Culture champions in organisations

  • Employees in HR teams

  • Internal and external consultants



The COCC programme consists of six modules with an optional practicum module for those interested in being certified. It is delivered virtually.


Download the Course Prospectus by clicking here.

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