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Talent Attraction & Retention

As with many SMEs, the client shared that they were competing with MNCs for talent. One challenge that they faced was people joined them with a “retirement” mindset which was not useful for the long term growth of the business. They wanted to attract and retain dynamic employees.


Through the facilitation of Pulse Conversations, we uncovered key strengths that the client has as an employer and also surfaced recommendations for improvements to the business. The findings from the Pulse Conversations were valuable insights for Employer Branding, Culture Building and Business Growth.  As part of the drive to attract and retain young talent, we recommended the restructuring of initiatives, HR initiatives, reviewed and provided recommendations to  existing training programmes, recruitment process and also facilitated learning and development sessions and executive coaching to the management team. In addition, we also looked at succession planning for business continuity.


The client has been successful in its talent attraction and retention strategies and during the pandemic, they experienced healthy business growth and also expansion in its team size. There was also ease of the succession process.

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