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Succession Planning

The SME client has experienced robust business growth through the years and has built up a stellar reputation with its clients.  The second generation of leaders approached us as they were looking to further strengthen its capacity to continue its business success. At this point, the new management team (partners) has not officially taken over from the Senior Partners (Founders) of the company.


As part of the consultancy engagement, we looked at succession planning and ways to structure the handover effectively. We co-develop the company’s first ever Vision, Mission and Values to set the pace for the way forward strategies. We then designed communication initiatives to ensure this was effectively communicated to the employees. We also set in place, structured processes and procedures and managed to bridge the “intergenerational gap” between some of the long-time employees and the younger employees.


During the course of the consultancy period, the Senior Partners decided to handover the running of the firm to the new management team. I understood that this was due to the increased confidence the Senior Partners had in the management team’s capabilities. The client also shared that because of the mindsets & team synergy sessions that we facilitated during the journey, it made it easier for the company to pivot easily during the pandemic period.

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