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Strategic Offsites

  • MNC

The client wished to organise a leadership retreat to explore deeply the characteristics of culture, accountability and ownership. The goals were to identify the attributes of what ‘Passion for Perfection’ means to the leadership team and to learn the skills about restorative coaching and coaching for performance to enhance performance behaviours of staff.


We created a bespoke two-day workshop for the client that enabled the leadership team to identify what Passion for Perfection meant using the Dream Catalyst Business Culture Value Creation® model. The leaders learned the process and skills of both performance and restorative coaching.


The participants’ evaluation of the workshop was very positive.

  • SME

The client decided to bring all their employees from across the region together for a 3 days company offsite with the idea to focus on collaboration/team building, growth and especially empowering the more junior staff. For the majority of the team, it will be the first time that they are meeting in person.


We journeyed closely with the organising committee to design and facilitate an impactful event for the more than 70 participants. Besides team synergy activities, we also dive deep into discussions on topics that are critical for the continued business success and also, to foster a positive business culture for all to thrive.


We received positive feedback from the participants and management on the offsite retreat, and achieved the desired outcomes. 

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