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Leadership Effectiveness

The client, a large enterprise, was facing challenges with managers who have been in the organization for more than 10 years. The challenges were in the manner in which these managers led and managed their team members. The client believed that these were due to dated leadership paradigms that involved ‘do as I say’ and autocratic styles.


During the needs analysis journey we found that training and consulting components were required to resolve these challenges. During the consulting engagement we presented to the senior management on what were the leadership relationship challenges between the senior management and other factors from the data collected from the managers. The training component included introducing and upskilling the managers with new generational leadership skills over a two-day workshop and coaching them in groups for 3 months with continuous support.


The feedback from the managers were very positive and this allowed them to be effective in leading and coaching the younger workforce that were joining the organisation. The client also saw that this change could result in retention of the new younger leaders joining the organization and reporting to these managers. 

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