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Employer Branding

When we first chatted with the SME client, they were experiencing a common challenge faced by others in their industry - that of having to hire anyone with hands and legs. For long term business growth, the ability to attract and retain great employees is critical. 


In the consulting conversation, we recommended that they rethink their employer branding and position themselves as the Ivy league of their industry. So that their company will be at the top of mind for potential candidates looking to join that industry. Through different project phases, the client further enhanced team synergy, and further strengthened their HR processes including enhancements of JDs, career progression roadmap, learning roadmaps, OJT blueprints and SOPS. In addition, we also trained team members on creating wow customer experience.

They supported the client’s rapid business expansion through the years, from three to nine outlets, and positioned them as an employer of choice.

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