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Culture & People

  • MNC

When the MNC client approached us, they were facing challenges of silo mentality, strained relationships amongst colleagues and morale was low. They wanted a healthier and positive workplace culture and also, to further strengthen internal capacity through some form of training.


We designed a bespoke 8-week journey incorporating team synergy sessions, one to one coaching sessions and a series of small group bite-sized learning and development sessions. The format enabled the company to continue its day to day operations with minimal disruptions. 


It was well received with many participants sharing that it was the first time they had the opportunity to know their colleagues better. Interdepartmental relationships improved and team morale was at an all time high.


  • Large Enterprise

The client reported challenges faced by customer facing staff who were not able to communicate effectively with customers and their peers. This lowered not only the service culture but wellbeing levels. The client felt that such behaviours were not consistent with their culture of inquiry centred behaviours.

We designed a programme to enable staff to learn about asking questions and to promote inquiry in creating conversations for managing staff interactions, dealing with change and other day to day operational issues. 

This helped empower the staff in asking questions emphatically, as a way of inquiry, which promoted a better work culture and improved performance.

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