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Communication Effectiveness

  • MNC

The client realized that one of the problems faced by individual contributors in technical roles was the inability to build social capital within the organization. The needs were clearly articulated by the client, which were listening skills, communication skills, cross cultural competence, communication among virtual teams, conflict management and managing agreements.


We created a bespoke two-day onsite and four-day virtual workshop for the client. The client trained more than five hundred staff as of 2022 and continues to provide this workshop to all staff.


The participants’ evaluation of this workshop has continuously been high in the areas of value to their roles and satisfaction with the content.

  • Large Enterprise

The client reported challenges faced by customer facing staff who were not able to communicate effectively with customers and their peers. This lowered not only the service culture but wellbeing levels.


We designed a programme to enable staff to learn about asking questions and to promote inquiry in creating conversations for managing staff interactions, dealing with change and other day to day operational issues.


This helped empower the staff in asking questions emphatically, as a way of inquiry, which will led to innovation, better communication and efficiency in operations. This workshop promoted a better work culture and improved performance.

  • SME

The business owner leaned towards a more traditional and top down approach for communication and business decisions. Employee initiatives are desired but not actively encouraged. The second generation of leaders would like a more collaborative, open and learning culture. They would like to incorporate employees’ opinions and suggestions to drive the business forward for continued growth and success.


In the consulting journey, we worked with the client on employer branding, talent attraction and retention, recommendations for solutions and enhancements to HR processes. We also facilitated pulse conversations and did executive coaching for the leaders.


Through the consultancy project, the client sparked an improvement in the organisational culture and further enhanced the leaders’ communication effectiveness.

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