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Business Culture Blueprint

  • MNC

The client wished to organise a leadership retreat to explore deeply the characteristics of culture, accountability and ownership. The goals were to identify the attributes of what ‘Passion for Perfection’ means to the leadership team.


We created a bespoke two-day workshop for the client that enabled the leadership team to identify what Passion for Perfection meant using the Dream Catalyst Business Culture Value Creation® model. The leaders strengthened their intention to create ‘perfection’ with clear action plans at the end of the workshop.


  • SME

Through the years, the client has built up a successful business and established a good reputation in their sector. To ensure business continuity and growth, the client engaged us to further strengthen different aspects of their business.


In the consulting journey, we obtained a pulse on the ground through pulse conversations with the employees. From the data and insights, we journeyed with the stakeholders to analyse and map out a business culture blueprint for the next three years.


With the blueprint, the client was able to determine their competitive advantages and strengths as well as identify areas where they need to focus on in order to build the culture that will enable them to achieve their business vision and outcomes.

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