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Who We Are

Our Dream

“We strive to role model the positivity we believe in. We commit to create a positive impact in every situation we come across. We dream of positive individuals in workplaces leading to performing organisations, contributing to a better world.”

Dr Sunita Rai, Founding Partner

Our Values

Transparency, Growth Mindedness, Solutions Focus, Quality Driven, Competency

Our Uniqueness

We use a balanced approach of diagnostic and appreciative strategies in our interventions. Our unique approach integrates well researched and field-tested concepts and practices from the fields of Strengths Movement, Positive Psychology and traditional business modalities. We adopt whole system approaches that can engage large number of the staff and leaders in the shortest possible time. We substantiate our methodologies with evidence from research and lead the projects with business outcomes in mind. We sustain performance through the blend of theory and skills, application at workplace and by measuring the results.

Our Team

We have a diverse team of professionals experienced in the fields of Organization Development, Culture Transformation, Business Strategy, Psychology, Coaching, Counselling, Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Organizational Scholarship, Facilitation, Mindfulness and Organisational Wellbeing. With our experience and passion, we bring thought leadership to our work, while we design solutions relevant to the local context with global relevance.

Our Philosophy

· Positivity & Performance

Positivity is the means through which we create results, cultures, and shift mindsets. Performance is the evaluation of the results and is outcome oriented.


- What would it mean for your organisation if your team was 100% committed?

- How would your organisation look like if your people operated at peak performance 100% of the time?

Positivity and Performance co-create waves of successful, positive and sustainable work cultures. This is especially critical in the years ahead as businesses navigate through tremendous change.

· Transforming Culture

We belief that transforming culture is the role of every single person in the organisation. This includes leaders, employees, vendors and all stakeholders.

· Navigating Change

The elephant and rider metaphor is taken from the book ‘The Happiness Hypothesis’ by Jonathan Haidt. The elephant represents our emotional aspects while the rider is our controlled system. Reason and emotion must work together to create intelligent behaviour, as human rationality depends critically on sophisticated emotionality. The tightrope is the changing environment.

We find this metaphor meaningful to our clients’ experiences in building a positive performance culture especially navigating change in this new normal – where our emotions and actions can be derailed without a clarity of vision and direction.

The elephant and the rider are in constant communication to ensure they work in harmony for the future, to move across the tightrope. Neither is smarter or more important. In the same way, leaders and their team members need to co-create to achieve their goals and outcomes together.

AXG (Accelerant X Group)

We are part of the Accelerant X Group (AXG) which provides a comprehensive suite of professional solutions through our affiliations with the Centre for Mindfulness Group and Holistic Psychotherapy Centre Pte Ltd.


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