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Joanna Maneckji

Consultant, Facilitator, Workshop Leader and Coach

Joanna Maneckji began her career as an English teacher before moving into corporate Learning & Development where she has spent almost 25 years in various industries such as airlines, banking and health tech/manufacturing. Joanna believes learning can be a transformative experience, leading to extraordinary changes in one’s skills, self-awareness and performance. Having personally experienced such a transformation early in her training as a teacher, she brings the common sense and discipline of effective learning design to any organisation’s people development needs. Joanna’s core expertise lies in adult learning design and most recently she spent 4 years leading and transforming a global, multi-generational, remote team of learning consultants at Philips. Aside from her technical expertise in learning design, Joanna’s greatest strength lies in her care for individuals and teams and her ability to focus on carefully managing people through change in a compassionate, transparent, and evidence-based way.

Joanna comes from a multi-cultural and multi-national background and holds the values of being a global citizen close to her heart. She has lived in Singapore since 2000 and outside of her professional interests she loves spending time in the outdoors and runs an art practice and teaches the craft of collage to people of all ages. She has self-published an illustrated children’s book, Letters to My Grandfather.


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