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Dr. Sunita Rai

dr. sunita rai

Founding Partner

Psychologist, Organisational Wellbeing Consultant & Coach, Author, Keynote Speaker, Certified Mindfulness Teacher (CMT-P), Workshop Leader, Lecturer

Sunita started her career in 1996 and has over 22 years of experience in local and regional marketing; corporate training and staff development; psychotherapy and counselling; mindfulness and wellbeing; coaching, lecturing and facilitation. Her dedication towards the progress of individuals and organisations propelled her to leave her career as a Marketing Manager to pursue her dream of helping others by becoming a psychologist.

Sunita has strong intuition to sense the needs of staff and organisations and bring them together towards co-creating a future together where the needs of the whole system are met. She has the ability to work with staff of all levels and connects easily with people. Her genuineness, honesty, ethical, caring and empathetic nature is appreciated by many. She is currently providing consultancy services to organisations on staff training and development, facilitating workshops, coaching individuals and teams, lecturing at institutes of higher learning, and providing psychotherapy services. She has familiarity with industries such as telecommunications, government and private education institutions, transportation, armed forces, financial services, hospitals, engineering, social services/NGOs, sales and as well as government sectors amongst others.


She has co-developed a unique leadership programme called Positive Performance Leadership. She has a strong ability of creating curriculums for organisations by incorporating self-awareness, psychology and mindfulness in all training materials. As part of her doctorate research, she developed a unique model for wellbeing strategies called Integrated Wellbeing Model (IWBM) which can be used by individuals or organisations to enhance staff wellbeing and happiness leading to greater engagement and performance at work.


She has a Doctor of Psychology, Master of Social Science (Counselling), Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Bachelor of Business in Business Administration with Merit (Marketing Major) amongst her many qualifications. She can converse in English, Mandarin and Hindi.

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