What We Do

What We Do


Management Consulting

At the core of any business success is the strategy alignment, clarity of vision and the precision in its execution, supported by ongoing conversations to learn and adapt, as conditions change. Organisational Leadership is about creating the space to make it happen rather than doing it. We offer our services in engaging the entire organisation and leadership in strategy formulation, clarification, communication, alignment and implementation. Our ongoing support services include periodic strategy reviews, executive coaching on strategy implementation and change management.

Organisation Development and Culture

The inner dialogue of organizations and the images they hold about their collective future, determine how they shape their reality. Positivity research clearly demonstrated the impact of a positive culture on innovation, productivity and profits.

Talent Development

We co-create with you, processes, tools and structured approaches in defining talent, identifying and developing them to take on leadership responsibilities. The processes will seamlessly integrate real work with learning and fun - solving real business issues, learning from experience, coaching the peers, reflection and leadership role modelling. Skills workshops, Action Learning Projects, Assessment Tools, Debrief Sessions, Reflection Papers, Social Responsibility Projects, Exploratory Journeys, Appreciative Interviews and other similar tools will be integrated with practices from Positive Psychology and Strengths Movement. Practices like Coaching, Mindful Leadership, Action Learning Coaching and reflections on Conscious Business will create transformations in mental models and spur creative leadership in the high potentials.

We are proficient in many psychometric instruments including Myers Briggs, FACET-5, FIRO-B, EQ-i 2.0 etc. that might come handy in some interventions.

Staff Engagement and Retention

“We only commit to what we help create” is one of the principles we adhere to in our engagement practices. We have seen engaged teams working together with so much of fun and results beyond expectations. How do we make it happen?

Staff will take responsibility and accountability if they are engaged in a meaningful way at every step in the organizational growth and change. This would translate to skill development, well being, helping them find meaning and purpose, creating safety in conversations, orchestrating dialogues so that all voices are heard and leaders do role model inclusivity. The wide array of strategies for engagement and retention include facilitated dialogues sessions, focus groups, communities of practice, reflective conversations, learning circles, coaching circles, practices like journaling and gratitude diaries, mindfulness, organisational para-counselling, retreats, social contribution groups etc. Employees naturally express creativity, clarity and courage in such a positive engaged culture leading to productivity, discretionary effort and profitability, while creating meaning in the work they do.

The physical environment of the workplace is crucial in influencing a positive mindset in employees. The colours in the office, pantry, the way workspaces are organized, the music etc. will need to be carefully chosen to facilitate well being, engagement and innovation in workplaces. We have skilled consultants who will design workplaces with the purpose of employee well being, positive energy, safety, convenience and sustainable renewal.

Positive Performance Academy and Research

One of the basic human needs is to learn and grow. Training is just one way towards that goal - other options are learning from experience, observation, coaching and mentoring. Individual Learning, Team Learning and Organizational Learning are crucial for staying relevant, competent and top-notch.

Skill development workshops form the core of the academy, in addition to innovation in solutions, research and publications. The workshops are typically developed and/or customised to meet specific needs, the organisation has recognised. All workshops will incorporate the principles and practices from Positive Psychology, Strengths Movement and Positivity in addition to the contemporary functional domain. The workshops address the knowledge, skills and applications typically while some specifically focus on mindsets, appreciation, coping techniques and thought leadership. We help organizations design and implement end to end learning solutions including formal, informal, experiential and on-the project.

Capacity Building

Speaking, Coaching, Facilitating, Training, Counselling, Mentoring

How much would you depend on external expertise when there is abundance of it within? Capacity building efforts help organisations reduce cost, leverage internal expertise and depend less on external agencies for advice.

AT CPC, we have gathered enough evidence from experience, that people stay energised by conversations that are meaningful, visionary and practically beneficial to them. We orchestrate sustainable safe environment for such conversations whether it is a speaking engagement, coaching conversations or facilitating a management retreat. We have executive coaches, mentors, counsellors, workshop leaders and speakers in our team who will engage individuals or teams based on objectives. Each of these tools and opportunities help the organisations extend their internal capacities in thought, attitude, actions and leadership skills.

The topics that we have expertise revolve around Positivity, Appreciative Inquiry, Wellbeing, Mindfulness, Conscious Business and Leveraging People Strengths. Some examples are stress management, personal creativity, appreciative inquiry, wellness, mindfulness, futuristic organizations, emotional power, body language and art therapy.

We have workshops designed to upskill the staff and managers in coaching, facilitation, mentoring and counselling as needed, thus helping them become self sufficient in different roles.