Trait Assessments

Trait Assessments

The power to make confident decisions about your workforce.

Origins and History

Trait Assessments originally spun out from Aston University and now fully independent as of 2015 as Aston Business Assessments (ABA). ABA specialises in the assessment and development of people at work.

Research and development at ABA is led by Professor Stephen A. Woods, who is a leading world authority on personality assessment for business and human resource management, a Chartered Practitioner Occupational Psychologist, and holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of Surrey.

Working closely with a team of psychologists and associates, Professor Woods has developed the Trait Inventory System, used globally by HR professionals, consultants, managers and coaches.

ABA’s international reputation is as a result of its robust and scientifically proven system that draws on current, first-hand academic research and solid commercial experience with our clients since 2010.

Trait Reports

With ten comprehensive reports that draw on 13 key personality traits, the Big Five personality structure, and crucial job competencies, our online psychometric products will give you the power to make confident decisions about who to employ and how to develop your workforce. Developed by Aston Business Assessments (ABA).


1. Selection Report
Used throughout the recruitment process, the Trait Selection report is a quick, accurate and easy to use profiling tool that draws on the nine ABA competencies to identify which candidates have the highest potential for the role.

2. Development Report
Used to assess performance and determine development needs, the Trait Development report is a quick, accurate and easy to use profiling tool that identifies the learning requirements for people at all levels within an organisation.

3. Sales Profile
Used in the recruitment and development of sales people, the Trait Sales Profile (TSP) is a quick, accurate and easy to use profiling tool that measures the 6 critical traits essential for sales success.

4. Insurance Agent Talent Screen Report
The Insurance Agent Talent Screen (IATS) report is a specialist assessment for use in the recruitment of insurance agents.

5. Real Estate Agent Potential Profile
The Real Estate Agent Potential Profile report is a specialist assessment for use in the recruitment of property and real-estate agents.

6. Leadership Evaluation
This high impact and detailed report from the Trait Inventory focuses on the core competencies of leadership, and is an essential tool for leader recruitment and development.

7. Respondent Feedback Summary Report
This brief feedback report provides respondents with a description of their assessment results, omitting scores for easier understanding of strengths and competencies.

8. Scan Report
This short profile report allows the assessor to quickly scan the respondent’s Trait profile for fast decision-making or quick insights when time is restricted.

9. Competency Insights Report
Used in both recruitment, the Competency Insights Report explores the nine ABA competencies in depth for employers, consultants and coaches to use in training, learning and coaching.

10. Assessor Exploration Guide
This fully structured guide allows the assessor to understand a respondent’s Trait profile in depth, in order to create a highly targeted development plan.


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