Learning Academy

Learning Academy

Positive Performance Academy designs and delivers workshops based on specific needs relevant to the organization. In workshops we operate as learning facilitators rather than trainers or teachers, establishing a safe environment for the participants to share their experiences, disagree with respect and offer alternate views. We focus on take away or application of learning and support the participants with tools that help them make the learning practical. We incorporate the principles of Psychology, Strengths and Positivity in the context of the topic being discussed. 


Asia Institute for Positive Change (AIPC) is a social enterprise that is driven by the passion of sharing and paying it forward thus creating positive ripples across communities. We certify Positive Change practitioners and offer certificate programs related to Appreciative Inquiry.


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The PRISM brand of programs are driven towards creating Positive Performance Cultures in organisations across the globe. PRISM’s Positive Performance Leadership is a signature leadership development program currently offered to organisations that aim to create a Positive and Performing culture. Visit Website