Promoting Positivity in Singapore

Written by Kathirasan K Posted On Saturday, 28 February 2015 17:16
Promoting Positivity in Singapore

27 Feb 2015 is a great day! Mr Maliki Osman, the Minister of State for National Development (Singapore), talked about promoting Positivity in Singapore at the Behavioural Sciences Institute Conference. This is indeed a momentous sign that our leaders are heralding a generative approach to solving problems and challenges in the local community.

Positivity is a natural ‘drug’ that propels people towards connections, achievements, happiness and resilience. No other ‘drug’ is as readily available 24/7 and free as this one.

Positive Performance Consulting

The advent of Positive Psychology, Positive Organisational Scholarship and Appreciative Inquiry have radically changed how challenges in human systems can be solved through Positive Deviance. This is needed now more than ever in the history of Singapore when she celebrates her 50th birthday. Singapore has seen tremendous growth and success in the last fifty years and this happened primarily due to its great leaders, committed residents and supportive neighbours. However, the tendency for its population to talk about what is not working well is fundamentally a human nature, as rightly pointed out by Professor David Chan, director of the Behavioural Science Institute at SMU. This negative bias can be easily overcome with Positive Deviance which is a device through which many organisational and community engagement strategies can be employed in solving problems.

Can positivity be a national culture pervading businesses, organisations and communities in Singapore? Most definitely.

Singapore being a multi-cultural nation could take advantage of the strengths within each community and leverage on it to build a more meaningful, happier and successful nation. And all it takes is the way we conduct our lives at home, the office, in a traffic or any situation. By doing this, we promote a culture of positivity which becomes the fabric of the nation that we proudly call Home.

Let's make our 50th birthday a special one by choosing positivity for our nation, colleagues, families, friends and the future generations of Singapore.

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