The need of our times - Conscious Endeavours

Written by Jayan Warrier Posted On Wednesday, 24 December 2014 09:47

What is it that our organizations, communities, work-groups need the most at this point? If we analyse the leadership literature, business evolution and contemporary social events, it is pretty much clear that the new technologies, processes, developments and ways of living have not solved the most fundamental problems we encounter today. It is ironic that the pursuit for ‘development’ and ‘success’ have caused more stress at work, depression among the youth and lack of purpose in growing adults - not to mention poverty, hunger, diseases and destruction.

What is the way forward? Some time back, in a speech, Deepak Chopra communicated it with elegance - the role of men has come to an end; what we need the most is the feminine qualities at work - women and the youth will lead the way!

It is unquestionable that the common notion of success defined by power, aggression, competition and monetary wealth has not helped the world succeed. What we need the most at this point is probably the behaviours and qualities that distinguish us human from the animals: examples are compassion, creativity, kindness, care, courage, choice and openness to learn - in every thought, word and deed unconditionally. We need a culture of appreciation and celebration, rather than criticism and punishment. We need leadership at all levels that instils hope in people, communicate a compelling vision for the future of the planet and role model the change that one expects to see in the world. We need systems to uncover strengths in people, help them visualise a great future that works for all and enable them to act to create that future.

Where do we begin? The first step is to stop waiting for others to make it happen. Begin by committing the best of one has, to create the best for all around. A manager commits to do her best to develop people, irrespective of what happens in the organization. A teacher commits to being a positive influence in a student’s life. A business owner starts thinking how could we run a business that creates a better life for all stakeholders, without compromising the profitability and the planet.

Every one starts pondering - how can I use all the gifts I brought to this world, to create a better life for others?

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