A energising vision for Organizations

Written by Jayan Warrier Posted On Wednesday, 17 December 2014 09:36

What if our organizations are valued firstly by the vitality and vision of the people who take pride in being part of it – the way those human systems are organized – and second; by the value they create for the wider world?

Rather than just living systems, organizations are meaning making systems where people engage in conversations that matter, they feel heard, their collective imagination only sets the boundaries of their growth and their well being, which becomes the fuel for the productivity and performance. “We move away from a view of the organization as composed of a single head or leader, and a docile and passive body of supporters. Instead, we come to see organizations as enormous repositories of life-giving potential.”, as mentioned in Appreciative Organisation (A Taos Institute Publication).

What if more leaders and stakeholders take the courage to be different, like a few who have taken the lead? What if they stay committed to a new way of organizing?

We will experience organizations as a web of relationships and a repository of life giving energy, rather than created by structures, hierarchies, policies and deadlines. Relationships will be nurtured regularly by valuing the individuals, their strengths, contributions and their collective dreams. All voices will be heard, affirmed and responded to. In these on-going conversations, deeper bonds get established, ideas exchanged, success celebrated and new meaning discovered. The past gets rewritten and a new future begins to take shape. The value of the results they produce gets better.

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