Mei Hwa Chang

Mei Hwa Chang

Mei was born in Hong Kong and educated partly in Hong Kong and Singapore. She studied in Canada and Scotland where she graduated with a Master of Science in International Marketing.

Her career began in public relations with a FMCG Japanese company. Thereafter, she worked in the advertising and, travel and hospitality industries for more than 20 years. She had worked with clients like Proctor & Gamble, Richardson Vicks, Apple and MasterCard in launching their businesses in Asia Pacific.

Her experiences had led her to other industries such as pharmaceuticals, Publishing and IT.  She is known for her passion in connecting, inspiring and motivating people of various levels. She specialises in a full spectrum of strategic and integrated marketing. She helps to groom leadership talents within the organisations and inspires self-confidence and belief in people.

Being a leadership trainer and educationist herself, Mei ventured into the International school arena. Mei had lived and worked in many countries in Asia including Europe. She had travelled vastly ever since the tender age of 4. She speaks several languages. She is indeed a “global citizen”!

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